Runway Fashion Show a BTS Look

Untitled photo

Runway Chaos.

Were you ever curious about what goes on backstage before a fashion show hits the runway?  The image above is a shot of what takes place in preparation for the models to walk down the catwalk during New York Fashion Week.  

Hundreds of people contribute to a beautiful presentation that is a fashion show.  A shortlist includes audiovisual, production assistants, security,  fashion designers,  photographers, hairdressers, makeup artists, dressers.  Finally,  there are beautiful women that wear those stunning outfits.

Rehearsals.    Every designer puts their personal stamp on the runway.   For the models, this requires a rehearsal.  The girls and guys usually get only one chance to walk before the show, and designers can be demanding.  Often, the rehearsals happen while hairstylists and makeup artists are trying to do last-minute preparation. What does all this mean?  Simply put is pure chaos.  Yet, it seems to all come together to give the audience a truly remarkable experience.

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